Joyful Yoga Of The Innerbody


Level One Yoga Immersion Lecture Series
Featuring the Lady Niguma Chakra Series

With Special Guest Speaker Nicole Vigna

Saturday, March 9, 2013 10am-6pm
Sunday, March 10, 2013 10am-3pm

Karisma Retreat Centre
6673 Wellington Rd 16
Belwood ON (25 minutes outside of Guelph)


Uncover the vast potential within yourself and take a radical step towards happiness! In this Level One Yoga Immersion Lecture Series with movement, we will be deeply exploring a particular sequencing of yoga asanas which were created by a woman yogini named Lady Niguma about one thousand  years ago. The oldest known recorded yoga series that has ever been found in history, The Lady Niguma Chakra Series is a specifically designed practice that helps the practitioner to open up each chakra in a systemic way starting from the bottom and working on up to the top. Opening the chakras in this special way, is essentially taking a radical step towards conquering our negative emotions and creating the platform for a happy, joyful, fulfilling life. Join us for this fun-filled weekend of lectures, asanas, breath awareness, meditation, mantras stories, alignments and modifications, healthy food and a deep exploration of the inner body and how yoga works!